About Us

Welcome to Medtele Inc. As a health specialist, I believe that health is a person’s most valuable asset. My mom and dad taught me that fundamental value since I was a child. My mother, Sally, was diagnosed with cancer in 1973. There was no Internet to consult; there was a doctor, who fortuitously was just the sort to partner with a patient and be open to the the latest clinical research.

In this blog, I share my over-arching perspective that health is everywhere: where we live, work, play, pray, learn and shop.

While I’m all health/care all-the-time in my profession, I try to lead a balanced life. I am passionate about my family and home life. We are devoted adherents of the Slow Food movement, and you can find us over a pot of something slowly cooking or roasting on most Sunday’s. I love art (from Botticelli and Fra Angelico to Picasso and Miro), theater and music, big Tuscan reds, my friends, and playing with paper and LEGOs.


Medtele Inc. is currently looking for experienced, highly motivated professionals with proven track records in sales or early stage growth companies for the positions listed below.

Medtele Inc. business model provides for the hiring of a few highly qualified people who have the following general qualifications:

  • Thrives in a rapidly-changing, resource-constrained, mission-driven environments;
  • Proven “doers” who have successfully done “it” themselves and self-driven.
  • Possess the courage to challenge and change status quos;
  • Have the confidence to hold themselves and others equally accountable; and
  • Are unwavering committed to integrity, quality and compliance.

MedTele Inc. offers highly competitive commissions and bonuses.